About Plant of Life


Discover the Power of Plants

Plant of Life® was founded with a belief that the true potential of healing lies within the power of plants. Our focus is to source only from top quality natural ingredients to harness the effective healing elements of the plants. Through devoted research in discovering the best plant genetics and various methods of extraction, we’ve come to share our powerful and innovative formulas with the world.

Plants help us live better

Plant of Life® believes in flowering the lives of people by supporting the pursuit of holistic wellness, and by promoting a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to uplift the health-conscious movement and the drive for one’s well being through the power of CBD. We are committed to delivering our formulated CBD products with quality, transparency, and authenticity.


Trusted Products

At Plant of Life®, we care about what our customers put in their bodies. From the soil to the body, we ensure every step of the process is performed with mindful care. Our organic, non-GMO ingredients are sourced from North American farms then developed into the final product in small controlled batches in our manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, California. Every time new batches are made, it is sent to a third-party clinical laboratory to be tested for mold, pesticides, and solvents. These tests verify that our hemp products are clean and safe ready to be sold. We go through these processes to ensure that our customers are getting the most safe and reliable products possible.

Sustainability Mission

Our new mission is to be more sustainable and to inspire our customers to be as well. We’ve started a reforestation program to help heal the planet along with our own health and well-being. So for every order placed, we plant a tree. Thanks to One Tree Planted, they made the process quite simple for us. We can continue providing CBD and wellness care to our community while they reforest our planet.

PLANT OF LIFE is dedicated for a life of plants – FULL of plants.


Every formulated product at Plant of Life® is something special we proudly stand behind, designed to be used by people and personally tested by us without harming any animals in the process. Take part in transforming your life for the better through power of plants, begin your healing process at Plant of Life®.